Care for your body with all-natural beauty services to magnify your all natural beauty.

We provide services and products to aid in your self care rituals.  Novo Esthetics Studio’s promise is to use safe, botanically based, and cruelty free products only.  We choose remedies as close to nature as possible to give you a more holistic approach to traditional esthetics services.  Some of the brands found within the studio include: Sugar of the Nile, Skin Essence OrganicsHelena Lane Organic Skincare, Northlore, and Sparitual.  

Meet our Team



Vicki Aitken (Postnikoff) is an Esthetician with a passion in skin and body care. She graduated as a Certified Esthetician in May of 2012. Immediately after graduating she moved to Lloydminster to begin her career at Vivid Hair & Esthetics.  It was here that she was first introduced to body sugaring.  

Vicki loves all aspects of the beauty industry but is especially passionate about body sugaring and skin care. Upon moving back to the Saskatoon area she became interested in sharing her passion for body sugaring with others. In February of 2015 she acquired her certificate in sugaring education and holds frequent classes through Salon Centre in SK, MB & ON.

Vicki is now living in the Saskatoon area and is the owner of Novo Esthetics Studio located in the beautiful Wallstreet Common building.  Building long lasting relationships with her clients is the most important, and satisfying part of her career. It is her hope that you will feel calm and cared for upon leaving the studio.  

When Vicki is not at work she’s enjoying small town living with her young daughter, and husband. Without the love from family and close friends, this New Beginning would not have been possible.



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Jenna Atchison joined the Novo Esthetics team in March 2017 and is passionate about making her clients feel beautiful.  In early 2015 she became certified in classic lash extensions, which started her career in the beauty industry.  

This year Jenna received certification in manicures/pedicures, as well as her sugaring, and volume lash extension training.  She is excited to provide services using all natural products that are safe for all ages.  

Jenna is returned to work after 2 years at home with her
precious baby boy Nash, and is looking forward to this
oppurtunity to slowly re-enter the work force.  You'll find
her in the studio Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  
When Jenna's away from work she's enjoying rural living and
spending time with her family.  


Emma Campbell became part of the Novo Esthetics team in November 2017. Her career in esthetics
began in 2011, when she completed her nail technician training and discovered a love for the beauty industry.

Since then, Emma has gone on to acquire additional certification in manicures, pedicures and
sugaring. In 2016, Emma developed an interest in Reiki; which inspired her to share its therapeutic benefits with others, moving on to become a certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner.
Through this combination of services, it is her goal is to help others feel beautiful inside and out.

When she's not at work, Emma can be found wandering through crystal shops, or at home with her partner, and their daughter.  She balances her time between mindful meditation and Netflix binges.  

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a 100% natural semi-permanent hair removal treatment. It is commonly preferred over waxing because the hair can be removed at a shorter length of growth, allowing for better long term results. Some clients even say that sugaring is less painful then waxing. The practitioner will remove the paste from the container with a clean, gloved hand. The paste is then molded against the natural direction of growth, and removed with the direction of growth in a swift flicking motion. This ensures little to no hair breakage. After the treatment both the paste, and the glove are discarded. Sugaring is gentle, and will not adhere to live skin cells. It is warmed only to room temperature making it safe for Diabetics or those with varicose veins.