What exactly is Sugaring ...?


If you've ever asked me face to face "what is sugaring?" then you've had the pleasure of watching my eyes light up while I take a deep breathe and launch into mini rant on my favourite subject.  Body Sugaring is an all natural, semi-permanent hair removal treatment.  With consistent treatments body hair will grow back softer and finer.  

It is commonly preferred over waxing because the hair can be removed at a shorter length of growth, allowing for better long term results.  Let's get into some specific terminology.  Our hair grows in 3 basic stages.  These stages are referred to as the Anagen, Catagen, and Telegan phase.  To make this information easier to follow, let's refer to them as phases 1, 2, and 3.  The human body has several layers of skin including: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous.  The hair follicle originates in the dermis (or second layer of skin).  There can be up to 100-150 follicles in one square cm of skin.  Sebaceous glands that secrete oil to lubricate the hair and skin are also attached to the hair follicle.

Still with me?  Great.  When you remove the hair in the first phase of hair growth, the hair is still actively growing.  In the second phase the hair begins to destroy itself as it disconnects from the papilla.  During the last phase the hair sometimes sheds (or in the case of your bikini line just hangs out and looks annoying).  This cycle takes about 12 weeks with body hair depending on the individual such as health and hereditary factors.  If you remove hair in the first, or Anagen phase you’ll damage the hair root, which means the hair will grow back less course over time, and eventually stop growing from that individual follicle.  Body hair that is between 1/8th -1/4 of an inch or longer, is at the perfect length to be removed with sugar.

So not only is there a potential for better results over time, this service leaves the skin soft, and less irritated then waxing (most clients find it less painful)!  Sugaring is gentle, and will not adhere to any live skin cells.  It is warmed only to room temperature making is safe for Diabetics, or those with varicose veins.  

Let me give you a quick look into how the service will go.  The practitioner will remove the paste from it’s container with a clean, gloved hand.  The hair removal paste is then molded against the natural direction of growth, and is removed with the direction of growth in a swift flicking motion.  Removing hair in the direction it's growing ensures little to no hair breakage.  After the treatment both the paste, and the glove are discarded.

Woman and Men can safely be sugared on all areas of the body, from eyebrows to intimates!  The sugar is easily removed with water so that you won’t leave the studio feeling sticky.  Looking forward to sugaring you soon!  

- Vicki Aitken