“People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in there eyes” -k.v.h

When I was in elementary school my family lived in a small town outside of Saskatoon.  My best friend lived down the block from me, and even though we were a year apart in age, we were joined at the hip.  Most mornings before school we would get ready together, and when we came to the age of being interested in beauty products, she’d let me do her hair and makeup.  There may have been a few disasters with blue eye shadow that she still likes to tease me about, but I think all has been forgiven!  I also have a younger sister who was subject to a lot of my experiments with cosmetics.  I would often beg her to let me paint her nails or braid her hair after I’d finished my regular scheduled snooping through our mom’s medicine cabinet.  I remember spending hours trying on my mom's different shades of lipstick.   

When I was finishing grade 12 I spent half the year living with my aunt and uncle.  During that time, I worked in a restaurant and I had all sorts of disposable income from tips.  Because I was young and didn’t know any better, that allowed me to be (as my friends would say) pretty high maintenance.  I become friends with a server whose wife did gel nails from home, and started visiting her on a monthly basis.  Alison had taken her complete esthetics training, and was busiest with nail services in particular.  I always looked forward to seeing her, because not only was she lovely as a person, she made me feel so put together.  I really began to admire her, and eventually we spent some time together outside of appointments.  On top of that, I always left feeling incredibly cared for.  Owning a home based business allowed her to be in charge of her own clientele, which you could tell she adored.

Confiding in her (about all my teenage drama) taught me that this industry is about more than the service you’re preforming.  It’s about the lasting connections you make with people and they way you can instil confidence in someone by making them feel beautiful.  Her passion, motivation, and the way she made me feel, inspired me to pursue a career in the beauty industry.  I wanted to pass that on to everyone in my life.  Originally I looked into taking massage therapy, but was drawn to the variety in a career in Esthetics.  If you’ve ever spent any one on one time with me, I’m a little bit like a bird (short attention span and distracted by shiny objects) so I needed variety in my every day life.  

Alison, if you happen to stumble across my blog, thank you for introducing me to the industry that opened so many doors in my life.  Because of you I found my passion and my purpose.  Nothing energizes me more than genuine one – on – one conversations with guests of my studio.  I love people, and I cherish the connections a career in esthetics has given me.   I will forever be grateful for the way finding the right nail tech helped me get where I am today.


& To all my clients.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every on of you.  Your support allows me to come to work every day and live my dream.