Oil Cleansing

What if I told you that, you can achieve a healthy looking glow without a long list of products?  There seems to be a misconception that our skin care routines should require millions of expensive tiny bottles.  That's just not true.  I'd like to introduce you to Helena Lane, and the concept of Oil Cleansing.

“Get cleansing right and the rest just falls into place.”
— www.helenalane.com

What is oil cleansing, you ask... ?  Our skin naturally produces oils (sebum), and we need it in order to keep our skin healthy and happy.  Traditional skincare strips the bad, and unfortunately the good oils away, leaving our skin to (in some cases) over produce sebum to repair itself.  That can lead to nasty breakouts for some people.  Cleansing with plant based oil allows us to remove make-up, and dirt without detergent type facial washes.  I am in no way saying that traditional skin care doesn't work for some people or that it's all bad, but if you ever find yourself feeling tight and dry after you wash your face... it's time to give oil cleansing a try.

“A major benefit of oil cleansing is that it reduces the amount of products we need to use. If we are not stripping the skin when we cleanse, there is no need to place the oils we have removed. And no need to use additional products to heal any damage that was done.”
— www.helenalane.com/pages/oil-cleansing-why-it-works

Each time we strip the natural oil our skin produces, our skin then over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more sebum (oil).  Take a look at my Instagram feed, it will quickly become apparent that I love plants (and flowers) of all kinds.  Botanically based skin care speaks to me, because plants are so powerful!

My search for natural and organic skin care started over 6 months ago before Novo Esthetics opened it's doors.  I tested several different skin care lines and was approached by countless reps as well as network marketing companies.  In my searches I found Helena Lane Organic Skincare.  This all natural line is based out of Squamish BC.  All of the products are "hand-made in small batches and contain only completely unprocessed, unrefined and certified organic plant-based ingredients, all selected for their ability to produce real, visible results."  Helena believes in simple, rich ingredients, and short number of ingredients for each product.  That's something I can get one board with.  Not only that, all of the ingredients make sense!  

Because we're located in different provinces, we had a lovely phone conversation, and it was quickly clear to me that we shared many values in terms of skin care.  She offered to send me some samples in the mail that I awaited anxiously.  When the small box arrived I it smelled amazing!  The product aromas made me instantly feel like I was sitting in a beautiful garden drinking tea under the sun.  I was impressed before they even made contact with my skin.     

“I want everyone to really understand the benefits of natural skincare and the negative impact some products have on our skin.” - Helena Lane
— www.helenalane.com/pages/about-us

I can honestly say that since I started oil cleansing, my skin has never felt healthier, and as a result I'm wearing less makeup.  I would love to share this line with you, and discuss any skin care concerns you may be having.  Care for your body, starting with simple skin care.