Facials in the Forest

Last week I was in BC at Mabel Lake with my family.  There's a campground called Noisy Creek that my sister and I grew up going to as kids.  This is the first year in approximately 10 that we've been able to go back together.  The creek is not only noisy.. it's as cold as ice cubes.  I honestly do not understand how we enjoyed swimming in it as kids.. because even after sitting in the hot sun all day (and possibly enjoying a few adult beverages) I couldn't find the courage to get my body in the glacial water.  

Although the creek is extremely cold, the water is incredibly refreshing.  About halfway through the trip, my sister and I decided it would probably be a good idea to give our faces a deep clean.  Knowing that eating camp food, being in the sun and in front of the fire would likely make me break out, I brought along products best suited for oily / combination skin.  In addition to that, I'm also kind of lazy and appreciate products that are two in one. 

Keep reading for the steps we took to give ourselves facials in the forest!  

The Juniper Berry Serum from Northlore is an oil based serum that acted as both cleanser and moisturizer for us.  Using an oil based cleanser is a great way to remove dirt and oil from the skin without stripping the good oils off of your face.  To use an oil based cleanser, wet your face and then rub 1-2 drops of serum into your hands and all over the face.  The oil will bind with any dirt or make-up, leaving the good healthy oils behind.  I always use a gentle face cloth to make sure all of the product is removed and to give myself a gentle exfoliation.    

After cleansing (and any time your face is in contact with water) it's important to use a toner.  Toner helps to restore your skin PH and allows it to more easily absorb moisture.  It can also help you to minimize the amount of moisturizer you need.  A toner can also act as a second cleanse when used on a cotton pad to remove any excess dirt/oil that wasn't removed with your cleanser.  The Rosehip & Rosemary Toner (also by Northlore) came with me pretty much everywhere on this trip.  To the beach, in my hiking pack, and to the creek every night to wash my face.  Rosemary used in skin care products is known to protect cells from damage caused by the sun and free radicals, making this toner a perfect companion for hiking or sitting on the beach.    

A traditional European Facial also includes an exfoliation but we skipped that step and went straight to applying a mask.  The Northlore Plains Mud is absolutely my favourite detox mask!  It contains SK Bentonite clay and activated charcoal which work together to pull all of the gunk out of your skin.  Both are found naturally in soil (which put me at ease knowing that we wouldn't be harming or contaminating the water in the creek).  Usually I mix this mask with Honey, but to keep things simple we used creek water.  It was just as lovely!   

After about 20 minutes with the mask on we removed it with a damp face cloth.  After toning again, we layered the Helena Lane Lavender & Hyaluronic Water based serum under the Juniper Berry Oil Serum.  Hyaluronic Acid is found natural in our skin and helps with collegen production.  With the addition of calming lavender this serum gives the skin a healthy boost of hydration.  Because water and oil don't mix, the oil based serum will push the water based serum further into the skin making it more effective.  And violla!  Refreshed skin! 

[You'll notice in the photo below I did also bring the Helena Lane Lavender & White Willow Exfoliator / Mask.  I used this twice while we were away but not on this particular day, because I didn't want to over exfoliate and increase my risk of sunburn!] 

Part of the reason I was so excited to share this experience with you is that at home skin care does not have to be complicated or use a ton of steps.  It's also important to remember that different environments and seasons can drastically impact our skin.  When I got home my skin was certainly feeling more on the dry side so I needed to switch up my routine.  You may find that in the Summer vs Fall you need to switch up your routine.  The times in the year when the seasons are changing is a great time to book a facial!  A facial 2-4 times a year can do wonders in keeping your face feeling balanced.


Thanks for reading!