Skin care travel tips!

Are you planning on taking a beach vacation this year?  Or perhaps like me, you travel for work?  Flying can cause havoc for your skin!  Between the change in climates and the dry forced air in the cabin of an airplane, your skin is sometimes just plain confused (which means it's more likely to act up).  I'm not heading to the beach anytime soon, but I did quite a bit of flying last year.  Here's my top 3 tips on keeping your skin calm when travelling.   



1. Pack Strategically

When it comes to skin care in general my philosophy is less is more.  The same goes for packing a suitcase.  Luckily you are aloud to take some liquids through security provided they're in containers 100ml or smaller.  Typically I pack a cleanser or just an exfoliator depending on the length of my trip.  Powder cleansers and exfoliators are great for travelling because you don't have to worry about transferring the containers to get through security (and the ingredients aren't activated until you're ready to use them!).  Packing a small pouch of makeup removing wipes (or baby wipes - I like the natural bamboo wipes from Aleva.) to remove any airport dirt/dust once your soaring through the clouds is also never a bad idea.  Along with your cleanser or exfoliator remember to pack a moisturizer.  I love the Helena Lane Hyaluronic serums for travel because the bottles are tiny, and a little goes a long way.  Usually I'll layer an oil based serum overtop such as the Northlore Rosehip serum.  Don't forget about hydration for your lips either!  I don't leave the house without my Northlore Spruce Tips Lip Butter.   


2. Go Makeup free

Travelling with clean skin is the best way to go!  Makeup will trap bacteria, sweat and dead skin underneath it.  Gross.  The main goal to keeping your skin healthy before a flight is to ensure it's hydrated.  The night before travelling it's a good idea to exfoliate (and use a hydrating or detoxifying mask if your not exhausted from packing!). 

Choose an oil based moisturizer for the plane to provide your skin with a protective barrier.  As soon as the captain announces that we're preparing for landing I generally slather another light layer of oil based serum on my face to avoid feeling dry when the plane has landed.  It's best to wait until the plane has landed before applying any foundation.     

3. Hydrate! 

Drinking lots of water is crucial for healthy skin, and becomes even more important while travelling.  I carry an empty water bottle with me in my carry on baggage and fill it up when I get passed security screening.  When you're flying it's best to skip the airport lounge or the in flight complimentary wine and beer (although sometimes WestJet has a tenancy to twist my rubber arm on this one).  Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, which in combination with low humidity in the cabin can cause major dry skin and/or break outs.  Wait until your toes are covered in the sand before you grab that first Mojito!   

Enjoy your trip!