Sugaring VS Waxing


When I explain to most people what sugaring is a common response is "oh, so it's like waxing then".   In the technicality that they're both semi permanent methods of hair removal, yes.. but sugaring is far superior!   

Here’s a few reasons why sugaring is better then waxing.   The sugar hair removal paste is all natural.  Sugar is made from sugar, distilled water, and lemon extracts.  Wax commonly contains mineral oil, which is a by-product of petroleum.  I'm not about having that on my body, especially because It does absolutely nothing for your skin.  Unlike wax, Sugar is also water soluble so there is no reason you should leave the studio feeling sticky.  Have you ever gone for a bikini wax and stuck to your jeans all day?  Not cute!

If you've been shaving, waxing requires you to grow your hair out for weeks before your first appointment, where as sugar can extract that same hair after just 7-10 Days!  People who have been waxing and shaving generally start to see the hair growing in less coarse after one sugaring treatment.  

Let’s talk about shaving for a minute.  If you want to get rid of unwelcome body hair put down the razors ladies and gentleman.  Please!  I’m begging you!  Every time you shave, you’re breaking the hair off at the surface, allowing the hair to continue growing course and thick.  If you'd like to see permanent reduction  Hair can be sugared 7-10 days after your last date with the razor.

Once (long after I had discovered sugaring), In a moment of total desperation, I had my under-arms waxed.  I wanted to cry because my skin felt so raw and sore.  I love the way my skin feels after sugaring, and the ingredients alone were enough to make me a long time lover of Sugar.  So yes, I really truly (with all my heart) believe that sugaring is the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair.  Come visit me and find out for yourself!