Toners & Flower Waters

If you only have 3 products in your entire skin care routine let them be a cleanser, toner, and a moisturizing oil or cream.  Toners are often the most overlooked skin care product.  My favourite types of toners include flower waters.  Flower water (or hydrosol) is the water left behind after the distillation of essential oils.  When lavender essential oil is produced for example, a lavender water will be left behind.  Flower waters have comparable qualities of essential oils in a less concentrated formula.  That makes them safer to use on the delicate skin covering our faces.  They come in several different varieties for different skin types.

But what do they do..?  Toners are a water based 'humectants', which means they'll help your skin more readily absorb moisture.  Humectants help your skin to retain moisture, which means introducing a toner to your bedtime routine can cut down the amount of moisturizer your going through.  Our skin needs both water and oils to feel balanced and healthy.  When oil and water are combined together into a traditional cream they require emulsifiers and preservatives.  By keeping oil and water separate only pure and beneficial ingredients are required to give you that healthy glow.  

Using a toner will also keep the pH of your skin balanced.  PH is measured on a scale of 1-14.  Our skin is naturally acidic, normally with a pH balance of between five and six.  After cleansing the pH balance of your skin may be disturbed (especially if your using a foaming or gel cleanser).  If the natural oils are disturbed our skin will work overtime to restore the balance, which can result in breakouts.  Nobody likes that!  Using a toner will help restore balance to your skin.

The bottom line: If you're wondering whether or not you actually need another step to your skin-care routine, don't skip toner. It will help keep your complexion clear and make the rest of your moisturizer work better.