New Moon

Do you follow the moon cycles?  I love astrology!  Today on April 26th we have a new moon!  New Moons are the beginning of a new wave of energy that lasts for about 29 days until the next moon cycle occurs.  This one is dear to me because the moon is now in Taurus (my astrological sign)!  Northlore creator, Natassia, uses lunar infusion as a traditional folk method for plant extractions.  

Folklore suggests that the nurturing energy of the waxing moon works, like it’s pull on the tides, to further draw out these properties, imbuing a little lunar magic along the way. Proving to be the proper amount of time for cold herbal infusion, I’ve resurrected this patient practice to provide you with optimum plant potency in every bottle.

A New Moon is a great time to reset intentions and think about how your feeling mentally and physically.  If you've recently been through any chaos or change this is an excellent time to become mindful of  letting go and moving on.  I know I need that in my life right now;  Happy New Moon!