"The process is the Reward"

Sometimes on our quest for self care, the best thing we can do for our body is nothing.  Imagine laying back and allowing your mind to drift into complete stillness.  That's the feeling that can be achieved with regular floating.  After entering a float tank and resting in a solution of approximately 1,100 lbs of Epson salt no noise or light from outside the tank, "the borders of awareness between your body and the water will begin to dissolve".  

I was first introduced to Float Now when a friend bought me a gift card for Christmas.  Being a business owner and a working mom.. I can absolutely appreciate 90 minutes of quiet .. all alone (fellow moms, doesn't that sounds amazing?).  I recently met the Float YXE team, because they sometimes hold meetings in our office building.  They're amazing individuals, and patiently answered all my questions while booking my first appointment for me.  

Gina is the Co-owner and General Manager of Float Now in YXE.  She's a beautiful spirit and an excellent writer.  Keep scrolling to take a brief look into her journey of self care.  My next float is scheduled for Thursday.  If you haven't gone to check it out, this is me encouraging you to try it!  

"Self-care had its genesis in my first real yoga class, where I felt truly alive for the first time in my life.  It was after this that I started to eat whole foods, drink less booze, and smoke less.  It was not a decision of self-care but a gradual process of choice and action leading to measurable results.

After several years of intense yoga practice, I decided to move to a different city.  Living in environments that were not conducive to self-development had already taken a toll and I needed out.  13 days into my stay in Saskatoon I found out what floating (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) was and I started to do it as much as I could reasonably afford (and sometimes unreasonably).  

My time in the tank initially helped with a lot of physical pain that I had accumulated over the years and eventually, I found the mental benefits as well.  Having time to explore my goals and what I was actually doing to achieve them was the most beneficial outcome I had in that salty box of wonder.

Having time to sit with myself without any direct stimulation is a wonderful way to get to know all parts of myself. I have gone on floating adventures for 14 and 30 days in a row as an experiment.  At first, I found it difficult to spend so much time investing in myself because I wasn’t used to it.

I don’t know if it really matters what avenue to you take to explore notions of self-care, just as long as they produce a measurable result.  It could be martial arts, getting a massage, cooking; anything that will increase the number of self-enhancing behaviours you have will fall under my definition of self-care.  

My definition of self-care is not necessarily an action in itself, but a lifestyle.  You will have many hiccups along the way and you can’t expect perfectionism ever.  With sustained effort, support, a great mentor or two, and time, you can look back a year from now and measure the results.

Now get out there and do it."

- Gina