People talk a lot about work/life balance.  What does that even mean?  Seriously.  Most days I'm just trying to keep my head above the water.  Working moms, please let me in on your secrets.  How do you do it all?  I often feel that there's not enough time in the day!  

Every morning my alarm goes off before 6am, so that I can try to steal a few minutes of alone time before my daughter wakes up.  I usually take this time to check my phone for important notifications, so it's really not alone time at all.   Dividing my time between work and play is a huge struggle, and part of that is because I get the oppurtunity to mix the two all the time.  Take Instagram for example, social media is definitely part of your job as a business owner.  Plus, I genuinely love what I do and struggle to power out of "work mode" at the end of the day.  Case and point, my daughter's in bed and now.. It's 11pm on Thursday night as I finish the final edits on this essay.  My husband tried to talk me into going to bed like an hour ago.    

My daughter will be four at the end of the month (I'm still trying to figure out how this is happening).  I love that tiny human more then anything else in this world.  I also really love what I do though which makes it hard to split my time.  Some days I think about how nice it might be to stay home with my daughter full time, but then we disagree about something simple and she runs to her room screaming followed by a forceful door slam and I think "Yeah, actually I can't wait to get to work".  Luckily, we have a group of amazing caregivers who are contributing to the raising my daughter.  They're doing a much better job then I ever could have on my own.  

That's not to say I'm not trying or contributing.  Sometimes at the end of the day after playdates at the park, feeding my kid a healthy meal, successfully bathing her, and reading her bedtime stories I think "wow, I was a good mom today" but some nights I feed her french fries and hope she'll fall asleep on the drive home so that I can transfer her into bed, and watch Netflix with a glass of wine.  We all have good days and bad days.  

I had no idea how career driven I would become after my daughter was born, but here I am, about 18 months into owning Novo Esthetics with no intention of slowing down.  Is that a bad thing?  The internet calls women who are both raising a family and actively running a business "Mompreneurs".  Something about that term makes my skin crawl.  I'm not sure why but I kind of hate it.  Why do both of my equally important identities need to be lumped into one weird term?  Am I reading into this to much?  How do other moms running businesses feel?  I asked 3 women in different industries (all with children under 5) how they felt, and they all responded fairly similiar opinions.  We're moms, and entrepreneurs.  Dear internet, please stop using that word.

Balance.  Someone please help me find it.  I want to do both jobs, and I want to be excellent at each of them.  As I wrap this up I have some questions for my audience.  How many of your are moms?  Who else hates the term Mompreneur?  Do you want to see more personal stories on the blog?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.  Here's to all the mothers out there striving to find a successful work/life balance..  Happy Mother's Day!