Northlore Salt Soak - Calendula


Northlore Salt Soak - Calendula


A bath salt soak with notes of citrus, honey, and pine smoke.

Made in Saskatoon SK

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From the creator of Northlore;

"Deep beneath the ubiquitous wheat fields that span the prairies, lies a vast bed of ancient glacier sea minerals. These unparalleled northern mineral salts are known to soften, hydrate, and firm skin, eliminate toxins, promote circulation, and nourish the body with essential minerals such as magnesium, to naturally cleanse and protect skin from the elements.

  • Magnesium naturally invigorates skin and helps maintain hydration
  • Potassium has antibacterial properties that offer an astringent benefit
  • Sodium naturally cleanses skin and helps it to remain hydrated
  • Calcium offers protection against skin damage and the effects of the sun

We have added homegrown Calendula petals to this soak, an herb that is known to warm the system, soothe skin, and uplift the heart. Sprinkle a healthy handful into bath water and soak your weary limbs."