Northlore Spruce Tips Lip Butter

Northlore Spruce Tips Lip Butter


Product your lips from the elements of nature with this moisturizing lip butter.  Packaged in an earth friendly, compostable stick.    

Suitable for all skin types. 

Made in Saskatoon SK

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From the creator of Northlore:

"We lunar infused the bountiful baskets of tips that we gathered this spring for a full moon cycle to gently extract these restorative properties into nourishing oils.  Mixed with an ultra-moisturizing blend of botanical oils and butters, we crafted this hydrating Lip Butter that is not too greasy, not too waxy, and just right for keeping your lips smooth and silky. Keep it at hand year round to soothe, protect, and taste like a northern forest at the height of Spring’s awakening."