Northlore Poplar Bud Oil

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When you infuse poplar buds in oil it creates a naturally antibiotic and anti-inflammatory healing oil which can be used to remedy all kinds of ailments (including pain).  Poplar bud oil can also be used in salves, such as the Northlore skin stick to treat troubled skin. Keep reading if you want to find out how I use this healing salve in my personal life.  

1. Body Moisture.  The Northlore skin stick is incredibly hydrating.  The poplar buds are extracted into pure olive oil, which is an intense moisturizer.  Olive oil is rich in anti-aging and antioxidant properties that penetrate deeply into the dermal layer of the skin.  One of my favourite ways to use the skin stick is to warm a small amount in my hands, and massage it into my clients legs after a sugaring service.  The stick also contains calendula which is a soothing and healing ingredient.

2. All Natural Deodorant.  This is a new thing I'm trying.  As many of you know, I strictly sugar my underarms.  No shaving!  Which makes me feel less stinky to begin with.  However while I'm busy making all of you hair free, I sometimes work up a sweat.  The skin stick smells amazing, so in a pinch recently I took my stick out of my purse and used it on my underarms.  The moisture in my underarms seemed to dissipate almost instantly leaving me feeling super fresh.  I've been using it for a few days now, and I'm officially swapping this with my regular deodorant.   

3. Heal Cuts /Scrapes.  The Poplar Buds skin stick has an extra thick consistency (thanks to the addition of beeswax!) which helps to keep moisture in, while also soothing the skin.  The Poplar Bud Skin Stick also contains Tocopherol (Vitamin E) which provides the skin with necessary moisture and antioxidants for intense healing.  In addition to healing cuts and scrapes, this stick also makes a great tattoo after care moisturizer!     

There you have it.  Those are my absolute favourite ways to use the Northlore Skin Stick.  Hope that gives you some new ideas and inspires you to pick one up for yourself!  

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Winter Hand Care


As we grow older, the first places that we show signs of aging are usually our necks and hands.  We're often so concerned about applying anti-aging creams to our face, and colouring grey hairs that our hands are forgotten.  Here are some helpful tips on keeping your hands looking youthful and healthy.  

1. Wear Mittens!  We live in a climate with cold, dry air.  That can cause serious damage to your skin if it's not protected.  Gloves will not only keep your fingers warm, they also help keep moisture in, protecting you from that nasty winter wind!  

2. Exfoliate!  Dead skin cells can not only make your skin look flaky and dull, they can also keep treatments from sinking in.  If you're not removing dead cells with a gentle exfoliation before moisturizing the product isn't able to penetrate into your skin as effectively, causing you to waste twice as much product.  

3. Moisturize!  In the winter I have hand lotion on me at all times!  Moisturizers, creams and lotions help to provide the necessary oils and omegas our skin needs to feel healthy and hydrated.  


4. Wear sunscreen!  Did you know that along with our faces, hands are most often exposed to the sun?  When you're lathering SPF on your pretty faces, don't forget about your hands.  Sunscreen is the best defence against pesky age spots.     

5. Treat yourself to regular manicures!  Self care is really important.  Take 45 minutes every few weeks to sit down and have a Nail technician or Esthetician push back your cuticles, trim/shape your nails, and buff any ridges off your nail plate.  Come on.. You deserve a hand massage.  Pretty polish optional!  


Throwback Thursday



Welcome back to the blog!  Today Novo Esthetics Studio turns 2 years old.  I can hardly believe it!   For those of you have come by to check out our little space, book appointments, share posts.. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you!  

Since it's Thursday I thought it would be appropriate to share some photos showcasing how much has changed in our cozy little studio.  
When I first moved in all I had was a treatment
bed, my desk, and a big recliner.   


Then I re-arranged, put up some shelves, added some plants, and acquired a beautiful refinished matte black dresser.  I think the photo to the left was taking shortly before birthday number 1.  

Two years later, we're already outgrowing this studio space and the new one is on the construction phase.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on the new studio!